José Silmarovi Jr. - UX Palladin Lv. 21

Hi. My name is José Silmarovi Júnior (but you can call me of JS - looks like JavaScript acronym :-p). In the present moment, I work with web development focused on web mobile and e-commerce development.

Great enthusiast in the intensive use of new technologies, in constant updating of my knowledge, developing researches covering the following areas: UI (User Interface), Mobile Solutions, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Content Management, Minimalist Design, Information Architect, Web Development (PHP, JavaScript).

Specialities: PHP, MySQL, AJAX, Jquery, WebSphere Portal, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Analytics, Courses Design, UX / UI Developer, content developer, Search Engine Evaluator, Techincal Instructor, NodeJS, Twitter Bootstrap, Compass, Stylus, CodeIgniter, Agile Development (Scrum and Kanban), Mobile Design, HTML5 and CSS3.